Pirates & Pearls™ Mod Apk Money

It's time to loot Yer's way through hundreds of puzzle matching levels filled with precious loot. Build a mighty ship, loot a rich harbor and build a goldmine while refining Yer solving puzzles and buccaneering skills.

Yer the first task: swap and match gems to complete the level before you run out of moves and have to walk across the board! If you succeed, then you have to use and combine special boosters and Power-ups to blast Yer the way through hundreds of more levels, complete with loads of annoying pesky obstacles and special puzzle-solving tools. Take this scary journey alone, or play with a friend of Yer to increase the dragging of Yer. Think of you to be a real arrogant pirate? Then weigh the anchors and Hoist the mizzen!

Pirates & Pearls™ Features:

● Conquer hundreds of puzzle-matching levels over 10 chapters
● Defying possibilities with rescue boosters and Power-ups couplings
● Play with Yer the best couple and see who can catch the loot most
● Build a ship, build a gold mine and assemble the best crew around
● Get regular free updates with thrilling new levels, features and more!

Pirates & Pearls™ Mod Apk Money

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