Ninjas Infinity Mod Apk

Here comes an authentic 2D Infinity Action cartoon art style!

Can your fingers catch the Infinity Arena?

Many obstacles, including evil ninjas, Ninja Dogs, monsters, demi-humans, zombies will prevent your adventure!

Ninjas Infinity Feature

▪ Choose between four ninjas!
-Choose one of the fire ninjas, water, thunder, and wind!
You can use secret characters by reaching the notes!!
Can you find the original Android characters!?

▪ The legendary Ninjutsu master!
-You can master Ninjutsu by getting the reels.
Can you master the legendary last Ninjutsu!?

▪ Get the legendary knife!
-It is not only Ninjutsu that helps you!
Get legendary knives with Shinobi power!

▪ Level system
-Allocate points earned by increasing your level for Power, power, and Ninriki.
The higher your level, the more powerful the knife you will have!
-You can level Infinity up.
-You can upgrade skills.
-You can Infinity combo.

▪ Game modes available
-You can choose the game mode from easy, normal, and hard.
The harder the mode you finish, the higher the score you can achieve...
-Endless Arena Infinity.

▪ Animations, graphics, and systems
-Many effects have been used for Ninjutsu, guns, and monsters.
-You can enjoy unique new combos shot from skill.

Enough gold coins to buy in the store can impose a lot of gold coins

Ninjas Infinity Mod Apk

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