My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk
My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk My Ninja Girlfriend Synopsis
Your life is always pretty ordinary. That is until a new girl joins your class and you accidentally save her life while trying to help her in a fight.

Declaring himself a modern-day ninja, he names you as his new teacher and vows to serve you to repay the debts he pays. Not only that but soon the student came to do the same. And only when you think you've got something under control, their rivals decide the best way to prove superiority is by serving you too.

From holding a duel in a cafeteria to calling you  "Master " in front of everyone, the three ninjas have thrown your life into chaos. How could you possibly make them stop?

Then again... Are you sure it's what you want?


* [Skilled Ninja] Kasumi
Kasumi can fight better than anyone you know, but when you save her life, she insists after repaying you by using her skills in your service.

* [Awkward overachiever] YUI
Idolizing Kasumi on top of all the other ninjas, YUI wants to be like him. Unfortunately, he always seems to be just a little out of place.

* [Hotheaded rivals] Raina
Raina is Kasumi's rival and will do just about anything to prove herself superior. After meeting you, she chooses a method of violence that lacks her dominance.

My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

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