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Movie Producer Simulator Mod Apk (Gold coins, the use of technology points does not decrease)

Movie Producer Simulator-Studios Simulation is a movie studio simulation game that you will have the opportunity to make great work in the film industry. Choose genres, scripts, actors, film crews, posters, marketing through marketing campaigns and much more! To create your own legend in the film industry!

You can play the owner and CEO of the movie studio and create your own legend story in the film industry. As a CEO you have to do your best to operate your company well in this movie producer simulator game.

The company starts with 30K funds in its early stages, so you need to continuously make a movie to make yourself alive. Funds and technology points can be earned during film production. Technology points unlock more types of movies, movie themes, and new technologies.

What is indispensable in the company's development process is the addition of new employees. Recruiting employees can improve the efficiency and profitability of movies. But remember to filter out employees and train them. The higher the attribute, the higher the reward the employee brings to the company. But remember, the salary is very high too. So you need to balance the cost.

During the game, there will be constant random news or dynamic events. If you can understand the changes in the market environment and cooperate with producing popular movies, movie sales will increase rapidly.

With the development of film studios, the company's popularity will be higher and higher. When will you be on the Star studio leader board? Can't wait to see it.

 "Movie Producer simulator " is a simulation game that simulates how to produce movies and manage movie studios. Players simulate running a movie studio and create your own movie tycoon story.

A range of achievement objectives was achieved through filmmaking, improved technical research, marketing, employee training, and improved studio conditions. You're a manager and you have to learn the art of management to make yourself a movie tycoon. You have the chance to become a landlord tycoon by being a film filed monopoly and creating your own story. And there will be some unexpected events during the game to make the game more fun and more realistic.

Movie Producer Simulator Mod Apk (Gold coins, the use of technology points does not decrease)