Monster evolution Mod Apk (Use of currency in stores does not decrease)

Monster evolution Mod Apk Are you interested in destruction, interesting to destroy and chaos? Don't just ruin it - but sweep the whole city? Then you will definitely like our epic game Monster Evolution: hit and destroy! Feel yourself in the role of a dino monster, which is able to evolve into very large proportions and now crash into cars, trees, buildings, and everything that meets it on the road.

Where this monster came from, maybe it's not clear, maybe it was born because of radiation and now this sea dragon evolves and becomes stronger and stronger every day. Evolution has not passed in vain - the dino monster has added to its great strength a new destructive regime. Ignite anger and become an invincible aggressive dragon, destroy everything in your path! Destroy buildings, destroy houses to splinters with epic monsters in a real destruction simulator!
Monster evolution Mod Apk

Actually, who did this extraordinary monster decide for himself? Maybe this is a dinosaur from the Jurassic period, maybe a dragon, or an alien hunter. Who he is not - he looks very epic, more epic than all dinosaurs from all known dinosaur games.

The game uses a realistic model of physical destruction, so it's very interesting and effective to destroy buildings and other objects! Really everything that can be fulfilled at a level that can be destroyed - cars, houses, trees, ships, gas stations, crane goods and more.

Monster evolution features:
- realistic damage physics
- Modern and beautiful 3D graphics
- Several unique game levels created manually
- Detailed and realistic dino monster sounds and pleasant background music
- Unique and interesting gameplay

Monster evolution Mod Apk (Use of currency in stores does not decrease)

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