Modern Dead Mod Apk (Full VIP/No Skill CD/Unlimited MP) + Obb

Modern Dead is a combination of an open RPG and real-time strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world. In modern Dead, you can manage different Alphas-rare heroes that you have to recruit-while using different types of weapons to fight mutants and Outcasts, all to ensure the survival of your stronghold and its people. Find a sneaky strategy to face zombie hordes. Terror Dungeon Explorations, bloody life stories, fun fighting modes, and infinite basic constructions are all waiting for you. Clash with horrible or wasted mutants, shoot your way through the horror circus. Establish a coalition and carry out operations with other victims from all over the world. Above all, survive.

● Open exploration with a wild third-person battle
Stuck between waves of zombies born out of terrible viruses, and a host of other enemies, you'll need to find a way to navigate this dangerous world and rebuild civilization, set up an ark for all those who have to Survive. Apply your Alphas carefully to explore the world, gather resources, upgrade equipment, and carry out sensitive missions in a horror-filled world.

● Rich Gameplay and storytelling in the immersive world
Through the lush story mode, fearsome expedition challenges and tense PvP action between players, you'll find a mutant horde and Outcasts. Along with the rest of your fellow players, you have to call every little sneaky you want to survive this challenge.

● Special Alpha system
Overcome the bloody terror throughout the Warren System, rescue and recruit Alphas-a unique hero that survives after a huge disaster-to increase your number. Some will be strong, nimble, or fast, others have a strategic brilliance. Lead them in a courageous assault mission or rescue effort.

● Global War on one server
Join with others to form a coalition and engage victims like yourself, all competing for the coalition area. Immerse yourself in a unique and thrilling battlefield with players from all over the world.

● Open construction system
Rebuild your base, the last Ark of humanity, at will, customize the layout and theme to your liking. In addition, you can enter the shelter of your building to trigger a unique mission. Developing your base will mean eliminating nearby mutants, expanding your area, and building more buildings to accommodate an increasingly larger army.

● Experience chess-like strategy in a unique combat system
Strategy plays an important role in the Expedition challenge-event where you will embark on a journey to defeat the fierce bandit faction known as Outcasts. Unlike other strategy games, every move you make will have a big impact on your troops as you navigate through engaging engagement and fun turn-based battles. Choose wisely, or you will be defeated quickly.

● Wide range of weaponry
You can collect and produce heavy hit machine guns, rocket launchers, and Master-crafted arc compound worldwide MD. When not looking into your arsenal, tinker with the truck in your base to ensure the survival in the horrible post-apocalyptic desert.

Modern Dead Mod Apk (Full VIP/No Skill CD/Unlimited MP) + Obb

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