Minimal Escape Mod Apk

Fantasy, like a fairy tale, puzzle adventure game
Simple gameplay with difficult puzzles.
Experience a fairytale fantasy in this puzzle adventure game.
Minimal Escape is a story about a little fairy in a fantasy world.
Is the dark world you live in just a small nightmare or our future?
Crossing and purifying a polluted world and trying to restore its previous beauty.

Main feature
• A mixture of the arcade, adventure, and puzzle
• Combining physical laws
• 24 stages of enchanting and addictive
• Sophisticated puzzles that require all your brain power
• Beautiful 3D animations made with the Unity engine
• Offering a surreal experience, like a dream with very deep visuals and audio
• Diverse and original level design

How to play
• Solve complicated puzzles, and escape and survive against all kinds of obstacles
• Find hidden elements, explore paths and collect stars
• Simple controls with direction and jump buttons that require a little luck

The level can be revived infinitely! After the first death, click on the ADS trigger in the lower right corner!

Minimal Escape Mod Apk

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