Mad GunZ Mod Apk (Unlimited bullets)

Mad GunZ Mod Apk
Mad GunZ Mod Apk Mad GunZ isn't too like one of your ordinary gun games, other gun shooting games don't surprise you that much – I'm sure they don't! This online shooter will not teach you any tactics or target settings. Just shoot your rivals with a banana gun or a hamster thrower, or just slap it with a lady bag! Break into online FPS battles and smash everything!

This is what the Mad GunZ-new weapon game online is about:
★ Far from realistic, but so beautiful pixel Art!
★ The most incredible boom guns-beat up your rivals with a handbag with a dog in it, a big Lollipop or a magic wand. Or just shoot them with some... Cat Feather!
★ Best of gun games and shooter games with friends and zombies, crazy chicken or even some crazy octopus.
★ And Mad GunZ is the first online shooting game where you can see your feet!

Mad GunZ Mod Apk (Unlimited bullets)

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