Lords & Dragons Mod Apk (Unlimited skill) + Obb

Lords & Dragons Mod Apk Welcome to the world of Magic & Dragons.
Gaia once-peacefully came under the Black Dragon attack. In consequence, a mysterious force swallows Gaia, plunging into chaos and chaos. All races from humans to ORC to Undead rise up against the invasion and try to find the source of the scourge. They summon heroes from other worlds to help their efforts and protect the tree world-Lifeline, Gaia.


【 Infinite Dungeon 】
In addition to the main quests, dungeons also have various side quests, building structures and meeting opportunities. Exploring them will help cultivate your strength and prepare you for future PVP battles.

【 Diverse artifacts, winning strategies 】
Thunderous Hammer, Supreme Scepter, Angel Wing, Purgatorium Blade... Derived from the ancient Gaia, such artifacts will give you an important advantage in combat if used properly.

【 Sacred race, Divine blessing 】
Knights Dragon Courage, fierce Behemoth, greedy Abyss Devils, glorious and Sneaky Elf Queen... All the sacred races have come and joined the fray. The God of Mars War, the hell Dominator of Baal, the Orc Shaman Gwill, the goddess of peace NYX, the goddess of Wisdom Athena... All gods have come to offer their blessings.

【 Loot and Conquer 】
A vast world with abundant resources: 3 Temples, 9 pantheons, Trees of the world and much more. Build your own squad, prepare for artifacts and fight alongside your allies. The world of Gaia is yours to conquer!

【 Rally Epic Squad 】
The interaction between classes means that the setup of the pre-battle squad is a great strategic significance. During the battle, one of the main success elements is deciding when and where to use your artifacts.

Lords & Dragons Mod Apk (Unlimited skill) + Obb

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