Look, Your Loot! Mod Apk

Look, Your Loot! Mod Apk A game involving cards with little magic and simple rules. You've got 9 cards with one representing your brave hero, which you move one step left or right, or up, or down. The hero is to go through the dungeons, open crates, take elixir, collect coins, throw fireballs, avoid spiked traps, defeat bosses. Break into a number of leaderboards!

The game provides simple basic mechanics with a roguelike element, but it is a difficult task to become a Master.

You've got 4 heroes with different tactics to achieve as many loots as you can.

He has a special ability Master Shield: If the enemy card is weaker than the shield power, shield only waste 1 point.

He is able to throw the mighty fireballs. No damage was brought to him if someone fails to picklock the chest.

He hated the shield and turned it into powerful lightning. Steel shoes Protect it from spiked traps.

He always has a lot of locks in his hands. Attentive and careful to the limit so he may never meet the monster in a barrel.

Beat the bosses and add game difficulties and increase loot multipliers. Get a chest on the next card as a gift. A gift in an underground dungeon? You may joke! Of course, among useful cards, one can meet a dangerous, like poison, for example.

A large amount of money and crystals;
Acquired advertising shutdown.

Look, Your Loot! Mod Apk

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