Life simulator New life 2 Mod Apk

Life simulator New life 2 Mod Apk
Life simulator New life 2 Mod Apk Real and life improvement simulator. New Life 2 will allow you to try to simulate life in the real world with all the features and difficulties. This is a real-life simulator and not just a time killer. In this simulator, you have complete freedom of action and a large number of strategies to pass. Everything is like in real life!

Games are being completed and still improving. Therefore, play and write your wish for improvement. But even now, the game has implemented many interesting features.

Life simulator New life 2 Features:
-You can live life from birth to death
-It is possible to equip the cemetery
-Can play in Russian and English
-The game has many types of earning money: jobs, freelance, deposits, and business
– You can unlock and grow your business
-Players can upgrade skills.
– In the game, you can travel to different cities and countries
– Each city has its own unique attractions.
-Different activities affect the development of your character in different ways.
-This game has a complex system of relationships with other characters. You can build relationships, marry and raise children
– You can rent and buy housing, as well as various goods and vehicles
– You can work in different jobs and get a different salary
– There are diseases in the game that need to be treated
-You can be a freelancer: A blogger, photographer, programmer, translator, and many, many others
-Players need to plan to spend money and time on different aspects of life
-Lots and lots of things

Choose money as a birthday present to receive a large amount of it.

Life simulator New life 2 Mod Apk

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