Last Defender Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Silvers)

Last defender: Endless Shooter is about the world of fantasy, stimulating the last Battle of Light Castle, the last defender trying to protect the energy of light (source of light power) from the Dark Army.

You will be one of the last defenders to defend the fortress from the endless waves of monster, every time you start the battle is every time you draw a different end of Light Defender.

-New game types for shooting games, Endless-Shooter games.
-Play Offline & online
– Style game is easy to play, but difficult to reach high waves.
-Unlock new characters to gain new skills, choose the appropriate skills for the best effectiveness.
-Characters have their own skills that can be applied to different characters.
-Upgrade skills to get the limit of skill effects
-Able to use multiple skills and mix them for the most effective combos.
-Freeze time with Slow-Motion to get a more accurate shot.
-Various Costumes & guns to change the appearance, change the shooting effect.
-Various monsters with their unique abilities.
– Global ranking, connect to Facebook to compete with your friends.

Last Defender Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Silvers)

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