Knight War: Idle Defense Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/Max ATK Range/NO ADS)

Knight War: Idle Defense Mod Apk
Knight War: Idle Defense Mod Apk Knight War: Idle Defense is a fantastic role play with action and idle game elements.

The battle time is back. Your kingdom is in thin threads with an attack of enemy hordes. Stand up, brave Knights! The royal Destiny lies in your hands. Train your skills, collect your squad and find valuable materials to form the strongest troops to survive in a nonstop battle.

Features of war Knight: Idle Defense:
-Idle Free Stress action gameplay: An ideal RPG hero to play on the go.
-Auto System: You don't have to fight in fighting monsters only but have more time focusing on other features in the game.
-Rich game mechanics: Smash enemies with long-distance attacks or remote attacks with arrows, or smash all with magic.
-Diverse weapons and crafting system: You can search for materials, create new weapons or unique items that make your strengths Excel and defeat your opponents.
-Upgrade your idle Knights to fight better in this offline defense action game!
-Discover new abilities for your knights to unleash epic stunt skills in battle. Your idle RPG experience will never be better!
-Epic battles with various enemies and giant bosses.

Knight War: Idle Defense Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/Max ATK Range/NO ADS)

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