King Rivals: War Clash Mod Apk (Infinite Currency)

For centuries there have been rivals between 4 races: Humans, orcs, elves, and the undead.
For centuries has rivals brought death not only to the peaceful village but also to the large forests, perilous volcanoes and mysterious lands of Death, where the shadows of the rules of the past?
For centuries have they fought rivals to take control of the kingdoms – rivals who are currently referred to as rival kings: Epic Clash.

King Rivals: War Clash Feature

➤ Duel players from around the world in the best real-time games!
➤ Collect and upgrade 40 + troops and spells.
➤ From beautiful Dryad to incredible dragons!
➤ Play now for free!

Lead your army to victory! Fight against enemy clans and defend your army! Open your chest to discover and unlock powerful New warriors and spells! Will you get one of these epic legendary cards?

Define your strategy and choose your warrior carefully:
⚔ An archer to kill from afar?
⚔ A Golem Royale to break through the defense?
⚔ Or heal spells to give a boost to your troops?
⚔ Your decision will make the difference between victory and defeat!

★ Choose wisely between 40 + characters with unique skills to claim your winnings!
★ Train through multi-level battles to get to the top!
★ Unlock new cards by unlocking all the rare, legendary and epic crates!
★ Destroy your opponent gates and fortresses to claim big rewards crates!
★ Duel with global players in epic war clash!
★ Command your troops and let them engage in Head to Head battles!
★ Fight with an ancient monster that has never been seen on a defense game!
★ Build a powerful deck and destroy your enemy fortress deploying your troops!
★ Earn Trophies and climb the ranks globally!

King Rivals: War Clash Mod Apk (Infinite Currency)

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