Kansen Syoujo Mod Apk (Weak Enemy Attack/Player High Damage)

Kansen Syoujo Mod Apk
Kansen Syoujo Mod Apk 21XX years, islanders  "Nagisawa New Town " Floating in Tokyo Bay, a highly contagious Super-toxic virus spreading,
People will be one after another zombie.
It has survived a little infection, only a certain age of women.
In a world where it only lasts  "Girl ", it is the only survivor,  "son " is a manifestation of Amnesia.
And the child who loses memory, girls fight for survival, unlock hidden truths!
Popular author  "Prisoner " Drawn adventure RPG  "Pretty × zombie "!

◆ injured when the virus's body will erosion, transient  "Infection battle " ◆
The fighting girl in despair is, resulting in viral infections when receiving a zombie attack.
The level of infection increases, the dangerous condition in each sick!
But girls exert an upcoming force hidden whenever the level of infection increases!
The only presence of the player to be able to control the "infection rate". Dominated by infection rate, is a victory in combat!

◆ Congratulations  "Girl " ◆
30 people or more of beautiful actors, enthusiastic a unique girl who faces zombies! In an extreme world side-by-side with death, the fate that awaits girls...

◆  "Personality " of the character ◆
The good gun girls each, skill, have unique abilities (special abilities)
In addition to levels and getting experience scores are up, to rank up and use certain items (evolution), also to change the appearance with.
Arrange the party taking advantage of the ability to win the battle will Semaro into the heart of the story!

◆  "Group of equipment " to create ◆
From the material collected during the battle, you are Tsukuridaso long sword, chainsaw, bow and arrows, weapons like Bazooka, uniforms, lab coats, armor-like a battle suit! They are different things that can be supplemented in the extracurricular activities belonging to women.

◆ inherit  "DNA " ◆
And the item saves  "DNA " to the girl, the girl can gain special abilities.
 "An opportunity in HP Recovery ",  "item level decreased 10% improvement ", such as  "Strength 50% increase in infection skills ", DNA and combination of the girl was more way 2000!
DNA obtained from a formidable enemy, being a valuable force.
Further multiplied by the DNA of each other  "Change fusion " Then, also that the new DNA appeared!

◆  "Infection battle system " From danger and side-by-Side ◆
Girls to receive viral infections attack from zombies, the more accepting if Ukere attack  "Infection " is increased,,
The body is gradually soaked in danger...

◇ Infection Control ◇
Player, infection of the girl can be "lower ". However, the decline is possible only, another girl's infection is "up. "
... The action to rescue one of the girls, while tormented by the sense of immorality that endangers the girls around, it must survive against the zombies.

◇ Infection Skills ◇
Girls, each with a unique  "Skill (Deathblow) ".
It's called  "infectious skills" forgetting to increase skill strength comparable to the height of infectivity.
Power is a three-stage (stage).
Although the level of infection to trigger skills is repeated it is possible to avoid the "development ", to overcome tough enemies, also sometimes require a high level of skills.
Or to avoid the risk of cutting smoothly and immediately triggering skills, or to trigger risk and strong skill in exchange for  "Development " is, immediately after the player.

◇ Virus onset ◇
If the girl's infection reaches a maximum (limit), the virus is  "Develop ".
The Onset and having the girl, the Ego lost, came to launch the Taris strip attacking the player.
To stop the attack, hurt the girl who has struggled together, there is no way to another defeat.

◇ Break ◇
During the battle, when the finishing blow  "Break " too!? Rest occurs happening, the chances are left of the situation upside-down that zombies can beat together!

◆ to challenge the high difficulty, get more rewards!  "Extra Battles" ◆
In addition to the search stories to promote the main story to overcome battles, there are a wide variety of modes, trying to challenge the extra battles!

◇ Search Time ◇
Mode where the contents of the battle under certain conditions are different

◇ Battle Attack ◇
Mode, which collaborates with other users against as  "Strong BOSS"

◇ Unified Front of the plan ※ ※ ◇
Mode, which cooperates with other users fighting  "zombie hordes. "

Acquired in Extra Battle  "Dedicated items " Exchanged in special items in the "black market "!
The higher the difficulty level, the big reward!

Kansen Syoujo Mod Apk (Weak Enemy Attack/Player High Damage)

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