Idle Sword 2 Mod Apk ( a lot of gold coins)

Idle Sword 2 Mod Apk Crawl through tough dungeons, fight monsters and battle epic bosses in new roguelike RPG style. Tap to guide your hero through dungeons, discover new heroes and collect powerful upgrades. See if your heroes can survive the idle Sword 2, an epic Clicker and retro RPG.

This is an action Clicker game like you have never seen. Directly from the intense flash game, you have to battle monsters, sell equipment and upgrade your skills to go deeper into the dangerous dungeons. Use your Lord's hand to suppress the power to guide you the not-so idle hero to find hidden treasures in a pixel dungeon, ensure your idle hero has enough gear, health, and items to protect them from certain doom.

Squish the giant bees, crawl through deep dungeons, play offline and battle monsters of any kind in this incremental RPG!

Idle Sword 2 Mod Apk
Idle Sword 2 Features:

Explore Dungeons
-Use the Lord's hand you suppress the power to guide and help your hero.
-Dungeon covers the ground and must be explored by idle heroes.
-Each pixel dungeon has challenging monsters and even harder Dungeon bosses.
-Engage in tough boss battles to clear the crawling pixel Dungeon!
– Explore Dungeons Even when you're offline in an epic, retro Clicker!

Battle of Monsters
-Battle monsters to survive and collect big rewards!
-Squish every monster that comes your way.
-Your tap search is incomplete until the monster is defeated!

Collect Heroes
-Idle heroes are everywhere, you just need to find them.
-Collect heroes as you explore the world and crawl through dungeons!
-Find hidden treasures and customize your hero with only the best equipment.

Incremental action
-Play as many or as little as you like!
-Your heroes keep leveling up even when you're offline
-Come back to collect loot and riches of your collected heroes as you go!

Idle Sword 2 Mod Apk ( a lot of gold coins)

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