Idle Car Mod Apk (Purchases do not spend the main game currency)

Idle Car Mod Apk
Idle Car Mod Apk  Experience every detail of creating cars from the ground up with Idle Car. Learn how the car works and what is needed to get there! Fun and easy to take. You will build your first car in no time!

Open various cars and vehicles. From motorbikes to cruises to sports cars and more!

Idle Car Features:

1. Open Epic Content
Think bigger than just your independent luxury car. Have you ever gone to space? Want to build a spaceship? How about a submarine going to the deepest part of the ocean?

2. Grow Your Garage
Show off your collection to others by unlocking all cars along the way. Can you build everything?

3. Resilient your efforts
Open turbo boost and special power-ups to get your car over the finish line. Only the best builders can make their cars 100% complete.

4. Wake up while you sleep
Even when you are not playing, enjoy the development of your car! The closer you are to finishing, the more money you get for opening special content. Watch your project develop right before your eyes.

Idle Car Mod Apk (Purchases do not spend the main game currency)

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