HUNTER x HUNTER Greed Adventure Mod Apk (Infinite AP for Skillcards)

HUNTER x HUNTER Greed Adventure Mod Apk A new story about  "HUNTER × HUNTER "

■ Summary
The call to  "G. I. 2 beta test Player wants " posted to the hunter.

G.I. (Greed Island) finishes his role by clearing Gon.
The Hunter Association pays attention to its usefulness as a reinforcement program.
Under Pariston's leadership, it was adapted to G. I. 2 Hunter training facilities, and preparations for re-use were ongoing.
Major change is the execution of state-of-The-Art A. I as a new game Master.
Consequently, an "infinite evolving and evolving game" has been embodied where players play logs and emotions that are fed back to create new prisons and cities automatically.
A. I collect and analyze players' play logs and game updates.
The Data obtained from the players, especially those who have the ability, differ in quantity and quality of ordinary people, and A. I learned and grew at an incredible pace to overcome it.

A mysterious girl appears in front of Gon and Killua who visits the island greed again as a Test player.
Gon, who helps him be attacked by other participants, learns that he is a novice and continues to go on an adventure together.

Around its name as Sphere, often impossible quests as hunter training facilities often occur and torture Gon.
Mysterious behavior that he must demonstrate from time to time, and a ghost Brigade that constantly follows him

HUNTER×HUNTER Greed Adventure Mod Apk (Infinite AP for Skillcards)

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