Hino’s World Mod Apk

Hino’s World Mod Apk
Hino’s World Mod Apk Welcome to the adventures of the Hino god - a journey to find 5 soul stones from the sacred forest!

Hino is a benevolent deity guardian deity. He holds 5 soul stones that represent the 5 good qualities of all living things in the forest: Harmony, Kindness, Generosity, Belief, and Kindness. With these 5 stones, life in the forest seems to last forever in joy and happiness.
However, one day these 5 stones were taken by demons from another world who brought destruction and death to the sacred forest.
The mission of the god Hino and also your job is to fight the demons and find 5 soul stones to save the sacred forest. Run through 5 mysterious worlds, overcome obstacles and battle evil monsters to reclaim the soul stones in the final destination of the jungle adventure.

+ Use the control buttons on the screen to move, jump and shoot.
+ Jump to the head of a monster or collect a boomerang to defeat all monsters.
+ Collect all coins and supporting items to get more points and buy more items in the shop.
+ Collect stars on each level to unlock new worlds.
+ Win a lucky round mini-game to get coins, live and boomers.

Hino’s World FEATURES
+ Stunning graphics, funny animations bring life to all characters.
+ Fun gameplay is similar to the classic retro game.
+ This game is free, it doesn't need an internet connection so you can play anywhere at any time.
+ Easy and intuitive controls with retro controls on the screen.
+ Loud sound and background music.
+ 5 beautiful worlds with more than 50 unique levels
+ More than 70 types of monsters.
+ 5 ferocious bosses.
+ Unique challenges and daily searches.
+ Don't miss regular free updates with lots of great content.

A large number of gold coins and revolving knives
Restart the game after completing the novice tutorial.
You may get stuck when you receive a check-in reward or a game, and you can re-enter the game by re-entering it.

Hino’s World Mod Apk

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