Heroes Auto Chess Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Enter the new Chess Battlefield! Start playing in trending strategy games – Heroes Auto Chess! In Heroes Auto Chess you have to build your own playstyle, strategy, and tactics, combining units to become more powerful and crush your enemies on a chessboard!

In Heroes Auto Chess you take different heroes and they will fight for you. By collecting three heroes from the same class or race you combine them into a more powerful unit. Put your hero to evolve on deck and see how your hero fills into fights! Each round of your chess hero will fight against waves of enemies. Improve your strategy Commander skills by managing your units onboard and in reserve. Regardless of the board strategy, get better in the economic field and always think what units to buy and where to save money for the next round if you want to win a strategy war! This is very important because you only have one life! But the game doesn't end completely when you lose! You can buy different upgrades like board or limit reserve, gold get some more if you want to reach the highest level! Good luck to become a Grandmaster in Heroes Auto Chess!

Heroes Auto Chess Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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