Hero Park Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

Hero Park Mod Apk Welcome to Hero Park,

The place where magical Unicorn captivated heroes become a great adventure just to pick up all their gold. This is your story and Unicorn!

Five years after the Great War, the old war hero and Unicorn were loyal back to their home village and found that no stone was left standing elsewhere. The village is empty and the ever-glorious basement is now abandoned. The decision is obvious: the village must be rebuilt, new monsters are raised and the basement is inhabited again.
Hero Park Mod Apk

Create the perfect illusion of an adventurous village with a busy blacksmith, a bustling tavern, and a beautiful cellar with monsters raised by you. Meet exciting characters who want to join you and use their skills to lure gold heroes from their wallets. Make a Hero Park what it used to be: the most beautiful village in the kingdom!

Hero Park Features:
★ Over 100 Incredible characters: Heroes, keeper stores, vampires, unicorns and more
★ Design your village The way you want and automate your production
★ Breed Monsters and shape them according to your needs
★ Immerse yourself in the magical world of elves, humans, and dwarves
★ Experience the exciting story of the old war hero and his Unicorn
★ Solve exciting quests and loot the precious treasures...
★... And stop your Unicorn from eating away everything!

Hero Park Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

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