Harbingers – Last Survival Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ DMG MULTIPLE/ DEFENSE MULTIPLE)

A continent was originally a carefree place. Zombies have come, civilization is gone. Signs from various eras are gathered here by destiny. They will take up arms to protect civilization and eliminate darkness! But ... Sometimes, quarrels might also be criminals, don't you think ...?
Hi, new commander! A sign battle team has been formed!
Join the battle, change your destiny and turn the future around with omens!

Harbingers – Last Survival features

** Hundreds of omens, extraordinary 3D models
Jeanne d'Arc, Solomon, Oda Nobunaga, Arthur ... Nearly a hundred heroes from each of the four camps were at the scene; each hero has a different personality and unique skills; with beautiful 2D paintings and expressive 3D action models, you want to join them to fight!

** High win rate, 300 times chance
In the initial stage, there are 30 free draws, a total of 300 times for you to win cards. You can draw again until you are satisfied! That will be an S level hero! The small dried fish in the gashapon machine is waiting for you!

** Offline search, get resources.
Offline can also search offline in the occupied area. All types of equipment and resources can dropdown. You can receive prizes online immediately, and easily improve your character and equipment!

** Arrange troops, rich copies
In accordance with the characteristics of the profession, the four camps are combined with various combinations of sign strategies; light up astrolabe skills, special-gear weapons, and continue to increase contention. According to the opponent's characteristics, send a different team. Both automatic and manual battles; a combination of strategies without limits, cool battle effects.

** Competitive hegemony, challenge global players
Do you have confidence in your team? Come to the arena and compete with global commanders! Send your strongest line-up and see who can win the super treasure chest prize!

** Build warships, sail and fight
Attack type, defense type ... Various battleships can provide different attribute bonuses for the heroes; upgrade the battleship component, improve the performance of the battleship, and let the battleship help you on the expedition!

** Custom union, various benefits
Build or join guilds, special special banners, get free guild welfare every day and check-in prizes. complete guild missions together with guild members to get more equipment.

Harbingers – Last Survival Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ DMG MULTIPLE/ DEFENSE MULTIPLE)

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