Ground Driller Mod Apk Money

Ground Driller Mod Apk
Ground Driller Mod Apk  Mine diverse gems and minerals with powerful excavators and funny miners.
The rarest gems are found only in the deepest parts of the earth so digging as deep as possible.

Ground Driller Feature
-No control required. Digging and mining are done automatically!
– Uranium, nickel, copper, coal, iron ore and other minerals can be collected.
– You have to upgrade your excavator to get deep into the earth.
– Miners are able to mine more minerals than others.
-There are various surprise events!
-You can get coins even while you are offline.
-Achievements & Leaderboard supported.
-This is an offline game that does not require any data or WiFi connection.
-Supports English.

Ground Driller Mod Apk Money

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