Global Outbreak Mega Mod Apk

Welcome to the Global Outbreak. You are the head of Blackthorne Industries, the best in the world and most trusted mercenary garments.

The world has been exposed to deadly viruses, transforming people into furious zombie mutants.

The authority of each city works hard to prevent the spread of viruses, but you have been tasked to act fast and firmly before dropping bombs!

-Location-AWARE: This game is completely global, and by turning on your GPS, global outbreaks will customize your gaming experience around your location.

-Soldiers: In the fight against global destruction people is key. Build a list of elite mercenaries by leveling up their abilities. Take them from campaign to
Campaign and build an army of ultimate fighters to fight infections.

-Weapons: Boost your firepower by unlocking new weapons and researching various upgrades.

-Unique controls: direct your squad with a control system designed from the ground up to the touch screen, allowing you to play games with just one finger.

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Grenades
Unlimited Zomberries
Unlimited Research points
Unlimited Health Packs

Global Outbreak Mega Mod Apk

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