Girl Cafe Gun Mod Apk (Spike the enemy) + Obb

Girl Cafe Gun Mod Apk
Girl Cafe Gun Mod Apk
◇ ◆ Welcome to the world of series ◆ ◇
"Gall Cafe" is short for "Girl Cafe Gun"
RPG Barrage shoot where 12 girls fight with weapons to rebuild the world!
Send 3 girls to the battlefield with a quarter view!
The store manager's mission is to bring the girls back safely, using shields and rest, and skills!
Multiplayer that cleans up the battlefield in collaboration with other store managers is also installed, so please challenge yourself on a shared front ...!

◇ ◆ The number of actions is ∞! Beautiful girls who move beautifully with Live2D
The twelve girls who move with Live2D are as smooth as video.
Let's increase likability, open up scenarios, and deepen ties with (your) store manager.
... excessive communication is NG!

◇ ◆ extraordinary scenario volume ◆ ◇
The story of the store manager and daughter can be played in an extraordinary scenario volume that exceeds 1 million characters!
In the near future, the girls will survive the "big explosion" and the shop manager (you) tries to rebuild the world ...

This is the story of the shop manager (you) and the girls who are swayed by the world ...!

◇ ◆ Manage your favorite cafe with more than 100 types of decoration items ◆ ◇
In the cafe where the store manager and the girls work together, designing decorative items will change sales ...!
Raise the cafe level, make various coffees, and collect the respect of the girls as skilled managers!
The shop manager who cuts the cafe and women and excites the shop is amazing!

Girl Cafe Gun Mod Apk (Spike the enemy) + Obb

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