FZ9: Timeshift Mod Apk (Much money) + Obb

Accompany Mak, a lost American soldier in an attempt to eradicate the AS-a terrorist organization. Pick up shotguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers to eliminate enemies with the help of bullet time. Observe carefully, AIM and BANG! FZ9: Timeshift features your favorite weapons – like a Glock, AK-47, M4A1 – and immersive upgrade system that allows you to create your own unique weapons in the armory. In addition to story missions, face new challenges in three other game modes: compete against other players in PvP, collect valuable resources in a cycle mission, and be prepared to be surprised by unique tests in weekly challenges. Embark on various brave missions-and protect the world from terrorists!

FZ9: Timeshift  FEATURES
-Eliminate enemies in bullet time.
-Dig into the deep storyline of more than 30 branches of missions.
-Shoot with a wide range of FPS fans know guns and love.
-Explore a deep improvement system with RPG elements.
-Challenge yourself with multiple game modes.

FZ9: Timeshift Mod Apk (Much money)

FZ9: Timeshift Obb

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