Food Fantasy Mod Apk (1 HIT/GOD MODE)

◆ What is "food Fantasy"?

Exhilarating battle RPG x authentic Restaurant Management simulation game

An epic story in a fantastic world view
Unfolded RPG and full-scale restaurant management
A completely new game that combines simulation!

Personify characters of various dishes from around the world!
Including familiar  "Sanma No Shiyaki ",  "sashimi " and  ""
 "Fore grasote ",  "Red wine ",  "Maya Crayfish ", etc.
The dishes you've ever tasted and the dishes you want to eat
Emerge as a beautiful and handsome girl with gorgeous voice actor sounds!

◆ Story

This is the world  "Tiara " where humanity and food of the spirit coexist
One day, "Ochikami " Suddenly destroys the world
It appears and serves as onion cuisine
You who runs the restaurant is a spirit born of food
When signing a contract with  "Eat the Spirit", while exploring Tiara
Fight with the gods. When the story progresses
Slowly the truth hidden in the darkness will gradually become apparent...

◆ Strategic Battles

-Summon and nurture the spirit and take them out on an adventure!
・ Team formations are key! Let's challenge using spiritual skills!
Skill your talent and battle with the spirit!
・Improve the skills by equipping the spirit of food with Samurai. Face the Mighty Samurai!

◆ Full-scale Restaurant management

・ More than 100 types of recipes!
Let's make many dishes using the ingredients obtained in battle!
・ The restaurant can be freely renovated! Aim for the Super popular shop!
・ The staff is food Spirit! Enliven the spirit of your favorite food and restaurant!

◆ Cute and cool characters

・ Various dishes from around the world! Develop your favorite food spirit!
・ Very fancy voice actors! You may even hear such a line!?
Equipped with a good sensitivity system with food spirits! Let's deepen the bonding!

◆ Full Guild and other elements
・ Participate in Guild after reaching a certain level. Let's challenge the search in cooperation with other players!
This restaurant is not only a shop but also delivery! Responding to customer needs!
・ Subquest is also improved. Be clear and get rewarded and rare items!
In addition, there are endless elements to interact with!

Food Fantasy Mod Apk (1 HIT/GOD MODE)

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