Firefox Lite Fast Web Browser Mod Apk

Firefox Lite Fast Web Browser Meet Firefox Lite, a very fast and lightweight internet browser designed for you.
We handle the most difficult problems you face on your phone, ranging from higher speed requirements to sharp answers to save space and information costs. Peruse faster and shorter following promotions while you are merging with Turbo Mode, back up the entire screen capture page to read later, and easily skip all engagements with one thumb. Read carefully without hesitation. Read carefully. Presented by your friends at Mozilla.
Lightweight Web Browser
This fantastic small size program is under 3.5MB, does not occupy space in your phone.
Very fast browsing speed
With Turbo Mode, Firefox Lite guarantees you getting fast knowledge about lighting!
Reserve Data - and Cash
Save information costs with Turbo mode, which squares the following ad. Want to give more backup? Empower image blocking when you peruse.
Farewell, Stubborn Ad
Bid farewell to advertisements that keep chasing you on the web. Which means saving more screen space for the things you care about. Note this is not 100% adblocking.
Private Browsing
Peruse carefully and completely. There is no history, no password, no prizes are recorded when reading carefully in private reading mode.
Following Protection
Take your protection to the next level. Promoters or sites often use web trackers for extensive client information collection and focus on publications. Firefox Insurance The following Firefox, of course, hinders a variety of basic web trackers.
Full Page capture screen
You can capture an entire page to peruse with a solitary tap on the toolbar. What's more, the site connection is also spared, so you can quickly re-read it there at whatever point you need.
Night mode
Make sure your eyes with night mode to read more carefully around night time. This also saves battery life.
Reserve Phone Room
Empty your backup directly from the menu to free up extra space quickly. Or on the other hand with the fast flip-in settings, you can save your store and downloads directly to the SD Card.
Many Tab Browsing
Some of you appreciate that Firefox Lite only allows a solitary screen, others need to perform various tasks with different tabs. Now you can have it in anything. Open every tab you need, or save directly.
Download Parallel
You can download various notes immediately from view. Free time when you have lots of documents to download.
Everything Is Good Here
With a single tab route, a chase bar at the audience's focal point, and a menu at the bottom of the screen, everything you need to do in the program is immediately available, even with one hand.
Maybe you have tried Chrome, Opera, UC, and many different programs. Get Firefox Lite for Android now, make sure you won't miss a new fast program.

– Languages: Russian, English
– Changed search engines
– Changed bookmarks on the home page
– Optimized graphics
– analytics collection disabled
– Removed GP dependency
– Removed unnecessary permissions

Firefox Lite Fast Web Browser Mod Apk

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