Fire Magician Mod Apk (High Damage/No ADS) + Obb

Fire Magician Mod Apk
Fire Magician Mod Apk
Pick up, Witch!
You can be a fire witch.
Upgrading Staff,
Level up your character,
Learn a higher variety of magic
It's a game to defeat monsters with more powerful attacks.

(You can play directly and clean the stage quickly,
You can play in laziness by relaxing.)

You can use magic in any direction you want,
You can even enjoy it as an automatic feature.

Fire Magician Feature
-Learn and reinforce various magic!
Fireball, Fire Breath, Flame Bounce, blast, Meteor, Spark chain, Flame Sword, Fire Tornado, Hellfire, Firelane...
(New and cool skills constantly added!!!)

-Upgrade to more cool gears!
The more equipment you upgrade, the stronger the horsepower.

-Try to achieve various achievements!
Through achievements, you can get and use a lot of jam, gems in the game.

-Raise Your rating Wizard!
Depending on the Mage rankings, you will have stronger horsepower and mana.

Fire Magician Mod Apk (High Damage/No ADS) + Obb

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