Fairy Tail Mod Apk (Mod Menu/One Hit/God mode)

Fairy Tail Mod Apk
☆ Popular Battle Fantasy  "FAIRY TAIL " ☆

◆ familiar characters are a great number of appearances! ◆
Natsu and Lucy, Gray, main characters like Elsa
The problem of course, rare, such as Macau and Bisuka, Bora
Also appeared for Chara!
The number of characters available from the release time is 70 body defeat and more! Make only their own dream team

A new character is also one after adding another!
Fairy Tail Mod Apk

◆ perform a striking full 3D action! ◆
Battle in a 3D game full of rampage characters!!
Including the "Fire Dragon Roaring,"  "Fire dragon from Tekken " in summer,
It comes in a variety of magic de striking productions that appear to work!
In addition, it also appears colossal enemies, including Lullaby!
The powerful 3D Battle Force is deployed.

◆ Develop magic character combinations! ◆
The miracle used by each character in Sakuchu of course
Original Magic games are also available!
Miracle generation and reinforcement, favorite characters
Not a dream also to nurture the strongest character!?

◆ Burn the Heat in Guild against Battle! ◆
If joining the Guild can participate in the Guild against Battle!
Make fellow and strategy in Guild chat,
Aim the knot joining forces!

◆ Power up in Lacrima & Lacrima ability to make! ◆
Stronger strength until the favorite is Mashirubeshi with Lacrima!
Aim for the strongest to adjust the optimal combination!
Let's make a powerful Lacrima combination of the material!

Fairy Tail Mod Apk (Mod Menu/One Hit/God mode)

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