Escape Utsushiyo Mod Apk (Free Purchases)

◆ It is a scary little strange world story-

The world in which both girls stray. There is a red world with no escape-
Is this world past? Future? Or... Or?

Let's experience a unique world where the escape game and the real screenplay Merge.

◆ Lots of mysteries and tricks that block the way to go

A real escape game, which solves the mystery by moving the traps with the hands of the player himself.

There is also a mechanism to solve with the  "rotation "  "gestures " and also  "check ",  "Use of items, combinations "!
Collect hints, let's escape with "inspiration " and "Logic "!
There are also hints, ♪ peace of mind for beginners ♪

Escape Utsushiyo Mod Apk (Free Purchases)

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