Erich Sann :Scary haunted house & horror Mod Apk (Dumb bot)

Erich Sann :Scary haunted house & horror Mod Apk
Erich Sann :Scary haunted house & horror Mod Apk You will be a creepy hero game to survive in a spooky music school in your neighborhood: After moving to a new place, you see that your dark apartment is right across from the abandoned music school and haunted.

Soon you will find that a big scary house in our environment is not as abandoned as it seems... Every night, a scary violin melody that wakes you up, hypnotizes your eyes in the scariest house and strikes you can be heard as a siren song. But behind the walls, the evil breath can be felt. (Erich Sann, your neighbor felt like a zombie, with blood in hand, maybe the survival of a recent zombie outbreak??)

Although you have been told that everyone who gets in the dark school and tries to steal the violin never goes out, you decide to listen to the violin is even closer and get it.
This is where your terror adventure will begin, a fun creepy game.

Find a violin or hostage and get off school as fast as you can, your grandmother could be faster! To accomplish that, explore the rooms, complete different missions and avoid making noise or you will be discovered by old musicians.

Erich Sann :Scary haunted house & horror Feature
★ Challenge for totally different survival in each of these puzzle horror games.
★ Ghost Mode available to explore the haunted house?
★ The smooth first-person controls to rescue spooky hostages in jail in this horror game
★ Beware about Erich Sann could be more aggressive than grandma one
★ Differents Weapon to help us in achieving the game
★ Try Extreme Mode! It can cost you your life!? It's not easy our scary game.
★ Rescue prisoners from the prison in dungeon and escape from the spooky game room.

Erich Sann :Scary haunted house & horror Mod Apk (Dumb bot)

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