Elemental story Mega Mod Apk

Elemental story Mod Apk
Elemental story Mod Apk
Elemental story Feature
▼ The deciding factor of the game is shooting skills!
By creating a specific shape with a piece, you can activate strong skills every turn.
Every monster has its own skills.
Let's combine the shapes well so that skills can be activated at the same time, aiming for great damage.

▼ Strongest individual decision battle! National real-time battles!
Tournaments are held every day in the Liga Arena.
Among the national players, players with the same power as you
You can play a one-on-one Goblin fight.
By participating, the powerful Monsters of the league Arena are available in return.

▼ Real-Time Four-person fighting has many benefits!
Up to 4 people can play with people nearby at the same time.
When everyone goes to Quest, the rate drops the items up to 4 times!
If you take it to a friend's search, it will consume 0 stamina!
Let's cooperate together and let the game resume positively.

▼ Let's unleash the true power with sudden passion!
Sometimes a monster wakes up with clues during battle.
When the monster wakes up, he remembers his powerful ability that he never before unleashing true power.
Since all monsters have the potential to be awakened, let's take a variety of monsters to search.

1. Enemies low Defence
2. Enemies low Health
3. Enemies low Attack
4. Damage x10
5. Health x10
6. No Ads

Elemental story Mega Mod Apk

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