Electronic Emotions Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

You have enjoyed working with electronics since you were still a young girl, and finding a job at an electronics manufacturing company seemed like a natural option. However, your sales start to go down and you worry about the stability of your career... Until your employer invites you to join a new project. The project is confidential and requires you to pack up your goods and move to a new address. You suspect at first but excited at the possible promotion. When you open the door to the house, you will be greeted by three handsome men! At first, you are distracted by the impossible appearance of their good, but soon realize that their actions are far from normal...

Your company is experimenting on Android's ability to adapt to human emotions, especially in romantic relationships. Assigned to the project and instructed to move into a new home, it is your duty to live and interact with three male androids, all while treating them as if they were your boyfriend.

The Android just knows how to act according to their program and they tend to take it all a little too literally. Will you be able to teach them the subtle nuances and common sense of man? And what happens when the test is finished...?

✦ Characters ✦
♠ Kai
Despite her striking appearance and confident personality, Kai is open-minded and determined to learn new things. After a failed attempt at cooking dinner, he decides to take cooking to make you happy.

♠ Shane
Shane is kind and always ready to try something new. Young and naïve, he becomes interested in the interesting nature of rock music and looks to musicians. Will you help her follow her dream?

Unlike the other androids, Jake is calm and calm. With a sturdy physique, he is athletic and takes judo. When you know him, you find a new side to him who thinks about the problem deep and be careful not to hurt your feelings.

Electronic Emotions Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

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