Ejen Ali : Emergency Mod Apk (Unlimited CR)

Ejen Ali: Emergency is an isometric-puzzle action-based mobile game. You will infiltrate deep into MATA facilities that have been hacked by unknown enemies. During this mission, you will act as Ejen Ali to save the Fuel Agents and Comot from being trapped and escape from the highly guaranteed MATA defense system.

More than 40 challenging action-puzzle levels
Outsmart all new and unique enemies. Drones, Turrets, RoboGuard and more!
Challenge your mind in completing each puzzle obstacle to infiltrate deep into the EYE facility.
Save them and play as Ejen Bakar and Comot at the chosen level
Dive into new storylines and villains exclusively for Ejen Ali: Emergency
Experience all the unique gadgets for each character from Ejen Ali's original Animation series.

Ejen Ali : Emergency Mod Apk (Unlimited CR)

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