Dungeon Faster Mod Apk (Get a lot of teeth after you get your teeth in the checkpoint)

Dungeon Faster Mod Apk
Dungeon Faster Mod Apk DUNGEON FASTER is an original hybrid between card games, prison crawlers and puzzle games. And that is a roguelike game like hell ...
+ Single player game - long prison - small rooms
+ You can play a few seconds or a few hours
+ Automatic progress savings after each room
+ Discover new content
+ Lots of possibilities - leveling heroes, shipbuilding, pillaging
+ Your brain can help you
+ No need an internet connection.
+ No ads, free to play and win

HEROES - You can choose one hero from four basic characters and try to defeat the main boss in the dungeon. This character will use his card package during his underground adventure. Each character has special cards and skills.

CARDS - collect magic runes, coins, and gold teeth and use these to play cards to improve your hero or damage enemies. Of course, you can build your deck of cards and try other ways to defeat all enemies.

DUNGEON - Dungeon contains many rooms with a different number of tiles.
By gradually opening the tiles you are looking for various bonuses, keys, and doors to the next room, etc. Attention! You are in enemy territory! Tiles, of course, hide traps and other unpleasant surprises.

ITEM - The room hides different items that can strengthen your hero, but of course that can also seriously hurt the hero. This is good to avoid it. It's up to you to find out during the game how to do that. Some items in the room carry new cards to your hero card stack.

ENEMY - Lots of enemies ... and all of them are dangerous, you know ...

WAR - If you haven't found a boss or his accomplices, you can explore the room and try to improve your hero. But once you meet the enemy, it's time to fight.

Dungeon Faster Mod Apk (Get a lot of teeth after you get your teeth in the checkpoint)

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