Dream Piano Mod Apk (A Lot Of Gold/Remove Ads)

Dream Piano Mod Apk
Dream Piano Mod Apk Tap quickly and enjoy the music, and challenge your tapping speed!
Dream Piano is the best piano music game awaiting to be played!
Finally free! Fade, Canon, Havana, someone like you... Or Blue Bird, Secret Base, we, unravel... You can find more songs here.
Additionally, your song, you choose. We have a weekly New Songs event! Recommend your favorite song and you may see it here next week!
Let's catch up with the trend!

Game rules:

It's similar to other piano games, you just have to tap the tiles then enjoy the beautiful music in the game.

Dream Piano features:

? Simple graphics, easy to play and everybody gets playing the piano!
Rhythms that take your breath will challenge the speed limit of your hands!
? The top challenge mode gives you the thrill and risk!
? Updates of various songs, original, classic, bangs, and all styles to suit different tastes.
? Share a record with your friends, and compare it with players around the world on the ranking list!
? High-quality sounds make you feel like at a concert.
? Save your progress through your Facebook account and share your progress on different devices.
? More challenges, more bonuses, and a better self.

Dream Piano Mod Apk (A Lot Of Gold/Remove Ads)

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