Dominus Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold)

Build your civilization and victory over your friends in battle, all in less than a lunch break!

Introducing the Dominus, the first 4X game designed for fast Mobile multiplayer clutter. Simple to learn, but with a unique and satisfying tactical gameplay. Challenge your friends, evolve your strategy and prove your skills... Become Gods of Dominus!

Take command of the masked tribal fighters, hunt, forage and then develop the land to help your village evolve into wild and colorful Poli chiefdoms low. Battle with rival tribes, before finally harness the power of elements and mighty champions to rule the win over the Dominus world!

With a simple interface designed for Mobile, the Dominus world will be at your fingertips – easy to learn and intuitive while still providing all the tactics and strategies that players 4X love.

The system of simultaneous revolutionary Dominus gives you all that while eliminating waiting for other players to end their turn. Players take their turn at the same time, then watch all the player's actions unfold in a dramatic action sequence. You don't have to wait, but your strategy will never be canceled by the reaction time of the opponent... or those fat wallets! Not pay-to-win!

After a quick game or two, you'll notice there's even another layer of strategy when compared to the classic 4x game. Simultaneous turns mean that players constantly play mind games with each other, bully and outsmarting their opponents to victory. The potential for extraordinary skills.

Dominus Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold)

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