Digimon ReArise Mod Apk

Digimon ReArise Mod Apk
Digimon ReArise Mod Apk
■  "A story " Linking Digimon and Tamer
The original story depicts Tamer's growth and friendship with Digimon!
The character design is  "Digimon Adventure " etc.
Katsushi Nakatsuru, who is working on the consecutive Digimon anime series!

■  "Exchange " to foster friendships with Digimon and Tamar
Do Digimon people interact freely in Digitown?
 "DIGI Town " Where Digimon is free to spend
It also comes with an exchange element between Tamers!

■  "Battle" where friendship is attempted
Expressing  "Digimon  's personality" and "power of friendship ",
Up to 5 vs 5 Real-time battle strategies!
In  "Battle Park " and the mighty Digimon that can be played
A "clash" will increase!

■  "Development " to interact with Digimon
Special training, Evolution, Digimon demand, etc.
Unique care and training for Digimon!
Develop friendships with Digimon and aim for further  "main Evolution "!

-Multi Damage (For Leader Only)
-Multi Defense (For Leader Only)
-Menu mod
-Appguard bypass

Digimon ReArise Mod Apk

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