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Demon Blade – Japanese Action RPG v2.010 Mod Apk (God Mode/ No Attack CD)

Demon Blade Mod Apk Get ready for an RPG with a complete story. Find out what has ruined the world with its intriguing plot bend, explore the affected Japanese territory by Yokais and discover the cursed edges of the Demon Blade. In pure action game.

Share your experiences with your Clan and compete with everyone to reach the highest division and become the most powerful samurai in the region.

Demon Blade Feature
Combat Action is developed exclusively for mobile devices:
? Forget about the buttons on the screen.
? Based on deep combat mechanics.
?  "Timing " Blocks are fundamental to doing special abilities:  "Fullcounter "

? Thousands of equipment combinations:
? A random country generation system allows the creation of infinite equipment.
? Eight different attributes that created a new strategy.
? Manage your resources to improve and combine your equipment.
? Your equipment is always displayed in the game, change it and you will have a new look.

⛩️ in Demon Blade there are stories like them in a great old RPG.
? A deep story with a surprising start and end.
? The relationship between your character and hero.
? Live a magnificent Samurai adventure.

? A game is always in expansion.
? Lots of events for every day of the week.
? Constant updates with new armor and enemies.
? A community that continues to grow in the Demon Blade.

? Exploration in the highest Rogue-like style
? Random generations of dungeons like role-playing games PC games.
? Penalty system.
? Exponential rewards are based on your progress.

? PvE and PvP multiplayer Systems?

Rank and division. Pve
? A division system in which the most powerful has a reward.
? Free crates for best fighters.
? Will you be one of the devil Gods?

? PvP Systems
? Challenge everyone to advance the position in Dojo.
? Receive prizes for the top rankings.

Samurais clan. PvE and PvP
? Create and join clans.
? Chat with your clanmates.
? Join RAID with your friends and defeat powerful enemies. (Coming soon)

NOTE: you need to use bypass apk before using the mod for finishing the tutorial, after that install mod without deleting any thing

Demon Blade – Japanese Action RPG v2.010 Mod Apk (God Mode/ No Attack CD)