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Day R Survival – Apocalypse Survivor and RPG v1.692 Mod Apk

Day R Survival Mod Apk How to survive in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclear war and avoiding radiation? How do you stay alive in online RPG games? Tell me after the role-playing game on Day R online survival!

Radiation, hunger, and illness are all around you. You must cross the entire country and save your family after a nuclear war. Who knows if they are still alive, or has the radiation and deadly virus reached them? Reveal the secrets of the Apocalypse and regain your memories as you walk across the great territory of the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

Surviving after the apocalypse is not easy. You have to face a real hunger game and a dead character! Monsters, thirst, countless pandemic diseases, and injuries, bloodthirsty enemies - you have to fight it all in a survival strategy game. Create all your resources: weapons, clothing, and transportation.

▪ Survival of hardcore:
Hunger, zombies (as in zombie RPG games) that survive and pandemic radiation will not give you the opportunity to walk without a hurry. This is a real self-experiment, the road to survival will be difficult!

▪ Realistic world:
Changing seasons, a large map of the Soviet Union and more than 2,500 different cities. Survive in the forest and hunt animals, but be careful: even mice can hurt you! Explore the wilds of a zombie RPG game!

▪ Endless possibilities:
Multicraft, acquisition skills, hundreds of craft recipes, lots of ammunition.

▪ People and stories:
A fun and allied quest that helps in your path to survival. Survive in the open world after a nuclear war.

▪ Improve your skills:
Mechanics, medicine, chemistry, shelter survival and more.

▪ Cooperative mode:
Online mode with chat, exchange of goods and joint fights. Multiplayer survival strategy game.

Survive in a post-nuclear war in a real simulator of the Soviet Union: overcome disease, hunger, and enemies! Play the open-world game Online too! Survive with other players.

Explore the shelter and abandoned buildings. Find weapons and build transportation using various materials.
Remember everything you have ever learned about chemistry and physics! This is a very realistic survival search game!

Day R Survival Feature:
- Сraft system - get resources, hunt, find objects, or weapons that are useful and create your own in an effort to survive!
- Hardcore shelter simulator
- Travel across the wilderness map in multiplayer mode
- Choose difficulties from adventure games: sandbox, real-life or online &
War never changes. In 1985, the Soviet Union collapsed before an unknown enemy. In a few days, the whole country became a radioactive wasteland - violence, famine and disease rule here now. When you are no longer losing the struggle for survival, other survivors are waiting for you at home - Online mode in adventure games allows you to survive together, face difficulties, talk in chat, and send gifts to each other. Try to survive the zombie apocalypse!


Created preservation with a large number of caps and objects;
Free purchases for real money;
Only in fashion [Many caps / free shopping and crafting] : materials are not needed for crafting items.

Mod only run with the Internet on! Otherwise, the store section will be empty.
Don’t need mod features? Do not use them.