CRAZY DRAGON Mod Apk (1 Hit /Instant Kill/ God mode/ No cooldown)

# Hero character change appearance and ability depend on the equipment!!
-Hero characters consist of fighters, wizards, and assassins, character changing appearance and abilities with 9 part items.
– You can add more robust options with the specified item.

# My own strong team; Consists of hundreds of special rental soldiers, can be installed, called, replaced!
-Hero characters can arrange teams with 2 soldiers hired; Go around the battlefield and do the strategy.
-Hired soldiers have exclusive skills only for him and higher scores can get more exclusive skills.
-You can powerful battles in Dragon Board legends.

# Support Superfast leveling between heroes and hire soldiers!
-Leveling soldiers hired by Hero and leveling heroes by hired soldiers.
-You can create a siege Corps with 4 teams, 12 characters.

# Strategic collaboration play with various battle modes!
-You will never get bored due to various battles; Siege wars, 1:1 Hero Wars, 3:3 Group Wars, Deathmatch, Guild Wars, infinite Farm dungeons and so on.

# The most powerful weapon to win! Skill Combos and Combo action!
-Make your skills stronger with skill and combo action with dozens of active skills.
-Strategy play with Skill combo, combo request and Skill charge Control.

# Start of the adventure, gather together in the city!
– The city is open to all players; You can get along with other players, Guild members. Also, you can complete exclusive missions.

CRAZY DRAGON Mod Apk (1 Hit /Instant Kill/ God mode/ No cooldown)

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