Crazy City: Zombie Battle Mod Apk (Unlock all skin)

Crazy City: Zombie Battle, a unique zombie action game. In the game, you will become a zombie leader, and by showing your charm and leadership abilities, attracting the general public to respond to your calls, and form your own little zombie team!

As an ideal zombie candidate!
Get up and turn into a zombie? No problem, your senses are still there, and you also get the ability to control the little zombies that you are infected with! Arrange your little zombie army, in a chaotic city, together with other lucky mutant zombies, become the king of the city in battle and conquest!

Luck and avoid are the rules of zombie life!
As a smart zombie, you must recognize your status quo. In the face of a strong army of zombies stronger than you, you must avoid being on time to develop your own team; in the face of weak enemies, you must quickly shoot and conquer and annex! At the same time, there are also many additional points and traps in the city. The rational use of these locations will also greatly help your strategic spread!

Cool fashion is a zombie personality!
In this game, we offer a variety of personalized modes, and a free version of little zombies is included. We guarantee that even zombies with very bad skin color, even at the bloody chaotic end, can do the coolest zombies!

[Game Features]
New zombie action game
Build an army of unique little zombies
Various intense battle modes
Explore unknown areas and get various bonuses
Catch a human base and get more subordinates

Crazy City: Zombie Battle Mod Apk (Unlock all skin)

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