Cowboy Go! Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and diamonds)

Cowboys Go! is a casual cowboy game! Use the Lasso to capture more animals, control the crazy Cowboy in his adventure!
Duck? Rabbit? Birds? Monkey? Cowboys are not vaquero or pet caregivers in Pink, they will catch Cheetah, lion, Elephant, Hippos, they try the challenge of Lion King, Unicorn, Dinosaur, King Kong, even dragons, and monsters! Welcome to this fantastic Wild West! PS. Not Godzilla here, sorry.
Catch the Golden Bull and other gold animals to get the bounty, buy your own new horses, saddles, and cowboy hats!
Tired of riding horses? No problem! You can rob everything you caught! Just need to pay a little love on it.

Cowboy Go! Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and diamonds)

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