Combo Strike Mod Apk (High Equip Stats) + Obb

Turn-based game with beautiful 3D graphics, future strategic gameplay, where the player sets the chain-combo effect, 6 general in 1 combo. This is an impressive breakthrough game in 2019, both in graphics and gameplay

Combo Strike Feature
-Unique Combo Skills! With its unique chain combo system, players must quickly interact to chain the generals ' ability through the debuff in 1 round.
-Full 3D Graphics! The world is using modern graphics to show you Three Kingdoms that you never know, where Warlords everywhere have a unique look.
-Diverse game modes: Arena, District battle, training Tower, national squad...
-Three Kingdom Generals collection! Over 50 3 Royal Generals are waiting for you to recruit. Full convergence of the history of General Shu, Wei, Wu, and neutral.
-Cross-server battles-Legion of War! Players can earn various rewards by competing with other players in the battle rankings.

Combo Strike Mod Apk (High Equip Stats) + Obb

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