City Island 4 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

City Island 4 Mod Apk
City Island 4 Mod Apk City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon is the fourth game in the very popular city building tycoon game series. You start on an empty island with a little cash and gold, and then you need to manage and grow your village to a small town and even further to megapolis. If you like city building games, with 250+ awesome buildings with extreme details, City Island 4 is your best choice. Join the most popular city building simulation game in the world, with a cool aspect of city life sim. Lots of fun challenges to solve, e.g. find the best way to organize your city with decorations that give encouragement, join events to gather enough materials for special buildings, manage citizens' transportation, give them enough jobs and community buildings to make them happy and earn more money. Enjoy increasing reality with various weather conditions, day and night cycles, and many aspects of city life that are cooler.
As a mayor, you need to solve real-life challenges such as building maintenance, fire, providing services and other community needs to make your citizens happy, increase your population with parks and decorations, provide transportation by road, train by railroad, walking paths, canals, docks, and cargo ships and complete fun challenges with friends to grow and shape your community.

- Easy to build a sim
- Build and decorate beautiful islands in your own archipelago with more than 250 unique items, be creative!
- FREE fun to play tycoon game
- Tablet support
- HIGH-QUALITY graphics
- Intuitive gameplay with challenging tasks, rewards, and achievements
- Enjoy a fun search to help you create your own virtual paradise in this free, playable city game!
- Currency: gold and cash, pirate crates
- Attract residents with parks, trees, villages, trains with trains, boats, decorations, and community buildings
- Collect profits from your commercial buildings
- Upgrade your city buildings
- Help your citizens and citizens build your city based on the story of this exotic island
- Open transportation to new islands
- Collect XP and level up to unlock new buildings for construction
- Collect dozens of REWARDS when playing
- Expand your city to create more space to build more buildings, transport and advance your village to the city of megapolis with tall buildings
- Speed ​​up construction/improvement time
- Lots of adventure, pirate crates, and quest to unlock
- Expand your city on land and sea
- Many hours of free fun

City Island 4 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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