Celestial Craft Fleet Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode)

Celestial Craft Fleet Mod Apk
Celestial Craft Fleet Mod Apk
< Celestial Craft Fleet, here! > >
○ Fleet Warfare is held every day! 20 People vs 20 great men's white fever real-time Guild battle!
○ Sailors with over 500 sailors, a typical girl!
○ Mission A A fleet action full of excitement and tension that can go in the sky!
○ Fly Boat combines part with flying boat and customize it for your own ship!

■ Fleet battles ■
Powerful of 20 people vs 20 people real-time battle Guild  "Fleet of war " held every day!
Let's join  "Fleet Battle " by setting  "Fleet " with other players!
Join "chain " in collaboration with friends in chats, grasp the victories on the battlefield that change in real-time!

The regular event that hosts the event  "Fleet Battle League " Determines the strongest fleet!
Earn luxury prizes by winning the league!
Get the title  "Strongest" with a strategy built with your friends!

■ Sailor ■
There are over 500 people in all! Air and adventurers, up to maid!
Voice with a unique personality for all sailors! The sailor who is interested in the story may appear! What?
Let's start to travel the air with a beautiful young sailor with different attributes and skills!

■ Mission ■
Trace with one fingertip to attack! An air-front breakthrough with easy fleet action!
Speedy & refreshing shot of countless enemy ships, aiming for boss battleships!
Warship Boss aims a new battle system sensation [Trace and Attack]! Let's damage with great strength skills!
Tamashii is "Burst Rush " from Attack shots!! Let's enjoy the feeling of violent liberation that hurts in the air!

■ Flying boat ■
With more than 40 vessels, up to nine equipment sites, more than 500 parts
The customizable combination pattern actually exceeds 10 billion paths!!
Let's build your own ship with various combinations!

◯ Story ◯
How far is this sky going?
Floating land ship flies leaning in the sky
Some want a legend _
Some have against _
Some go in the sky looking for a place of help... Outside this sky... Search the world has not seen

Celestial Craft Fleet Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode)

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