Caves (Roguelike) Mod Apk (a lot of money and diamonds)

Caves (Roguelike) Mod Apk
Caves (Roguelike) Mod Apk A classic roguelike-style turn-based game, with pixel-Art graphics. The main feature of the game is the cave, that you can dig through using your pickaxe. Both magic and high tech go together here.

Caves (Roguelike) features:
– Your own main base, with cloning system and upgrade station.
-Hightech Armor with the ability to choose one of four special abilities
– Hordes of skeletons
-When I say the Horde, I mean. We even have a robot-skeleton 🙂
-You can create your unique character by choosing different stats.
-Large, randomly generated area to explore
-Lots of interesting items
-Each weapon has its own unique abilities
-Convenient control
-Keep updating

Caves (Roguelike) Mod Apk (a lot of money and diamonds)

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