CatHotel Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamond/Coins)

Mrs. Miller had to go on an urgent business trip and the Smith family looking for accommodation for their home cats while they were on vacation.
Your cattery is a Purrfect place for them! Care for the cats, feed them and play with them until their owners come to pick them up again.

CatHotel Feature
# Manage your own cat Hotel
# Develop your website from a small hotel into 5-star luxury accommodation for a little candy
# Of Maine Coons trusting for graceful Burma – care for and feed six different breeds of cats
# Decorate and design your kitten Hotel with individual objects
# Play with your cat using toy teaser cats, motivate them with Laser pointer games or groom their feathers with different brushes
# Watch how Cats play together, chase each other and sleep soundly in their cart

CatHotel Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamond/Coins)

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