Castle Legend 3 Mod Apk (Enemy Can’t Attack/NO ADS)

2000 He was years old, & far northwest of Silert Continent, & a mysterious and powerful alien force emerged. & they quickly occupied the Northwest continent with their ancient dark magic, & the previous Saxon Royal house. This & of growing power is called  "Sunset ", & because of the place they wake up at. &  "Sunset" directly threatens the kingdom of Poldo, destroying the Silert continent. & In the meantime, the light of the Holy sword  "Shionoway " faded... & it had been keeping the kingdom of Poldo for millennia. & Seems Poldo Kingdom is destined, & and everyone has no doubts about it.
The 8th king of Poldo Kingdom, the old Poldo Leon, & forgets the destruction of his kingdom. & To avoid this fate, he decides to send an elite mercenary, & led by his most prominent son, Poldo Rose, & to cross  "Sunset " land and visit the castle of Garan, & to find out why holy The sword fades and seeks strength to save Poldo. & can team Rose do as Poldo Simon did a thousand years ago, & arrived the City of Eternity through Castle Garan, & fulfill an important mission from his father, & and find absolute strength?

* Game features *
-Endless Adventure in Dungeon
There are plenty of Dungeon maps designed for cutting-edge design in various themes. In each map, countless  "Easter eggs " await the player to explore. Different maps are maintained by different monsters and big bosses, which awaits players to challenge. All maps are free for all.

– Rich and exciting Gameplay
There are different classes to choose from: Warriors, Wizards, and priests. They have different gift skills. Players can select and collocate different skill combinations based on different tactics. Thousands of pieces of equipment are randomly available through monster drops and exploration rewards. These tools have different additional attributes and set effects, which can be used wisely according to different character classes and tactics. Castle Legend 3 has improved the rules of upgrade prizes. This is a new endeavor in the Castle Legend series, which makes the game more tactical.

-Challenging and fulfilling stages
Combat Mode is designed based on the strategic battles of the classic Castle Legend series on the chessboard, with more strategy elements. Each battle has different scenes, where the player needs to control different environments, night-and-day shifts or Tide-and-down timing.
In different battles, players can pick up different temporary stage items, which can be very helpful if used wisely. Players will also find many different bosses, who have different AI abilities and mechanisms. It's quite challenging and satisfying to beat them using your own tactics!

-Countless exploration and hidden content
Castle Legend is an adventure game, trust us! The hidden content is better integrated with map scenes and game stories, which are tracked as instructed. As long as the player is careful enough, this  "Easter egg" can be revealed.

-Free to play
There are no VIP systems, no picture cards, no group of growth systems and commercial events. Winwill Studio Games always have a good reputation.

-Continuous Update
We will update new content on a weekly or biweekly basis. Castle Legend will accompany the player for a long time!

Castle Legend 3 Mod Apk (Enemy Can’t Attack/NO ADS)

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